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French Manicure Kit – Style Begins At Home

french manicure

When you are bullied for your odd style statements and below the mark grooming, it’s really disheartening. So, what is the way to get rid of all these terrifying occurrences? French Manicure can give you enough freedom to grab all the attention towards you. When all the eyes would be on you, you can feel special.

If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to apply different techniques for different occasions, then the French manicure kit will be the best assistance for you. This particular technique can be availed for your needs. Be it, a party, a professional place, a funeral, or the daily life you pass, a simple touch of the elegance can completely turn the table.

Any individual from any profession can apply this method and surprisingly it suits perfectly for you every time when you sport it. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, school teacher, corporate woman, party maniac or a housewife, the technique can take you all the way to the satisfaction with the best looks and behavior.

You can get the color according to your taste and preference on your nails along with the fully white tip on the top. The sober color will add extra value to your persona. This method was considered to be invented in Paris, France. Ladies from every age in Paris have liked the technique and soon this has become the trend and instantly gone viral all over the world. Till the date, it is the foremost choice of the ladies when the nail art is the concern.

The French manicure kit can avail you of all the benefits sitting at your home without spending the money behind the beauticians. There are a few steps that can give you the elegant looks and you don’t even have to go to the parlors for applying the technique.


You should start by giving your nails a good trimming. The even trim can make your nails good and it would be easier to apply the technique with an even trim. But if you are thinking about a shorter trim, then you are doing a mistake as the longer trim is preferable.


The shape of your nails is one of the most important aspects of acquiring the best result. You can give your nails a round or square shape.

Soak Before Pushing the Cuticles:

Soaking your hands in hand-hot water is your next step to push the cuticles with the cuticles pusher.

Cuticle Oil:

After you have pushed your cuticles enough, you can put the cuticle oil on your nails.


Apply the first layer of your preferred color on your nails and wait until that gets dried. Following that, you can apply the second coat and let it dry.

Color the tips:

Get the white paint and nail guide and apply it to the top of your nails. Gently brush the color on your nail tips and wait for a couple of minutes. After that apply the second coat and let it dry.

Last Step:

Take off the nail guide and polish your nails for the final time.

The French manicure kit will give you the access to paint your nails in the home. Revel Nail is one of the most reputed nail design shops which will give you all the nail solutions effortlessly and within your budget.

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