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Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff

tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil-

Tea tree oil is also known as Melaleuca oil and comes from an Australian plant. The oil is certain properties that make antiviral antibacterial and antifungal oil is used for several purposes which include controlling dandruff healing minor wounds and it also helps to kill lice in the hair.

Tea tree oil exists in several concentrations and also it’s a strong essential oil you can find it in certain products such as shower gels, massage oil, and shampoos.

The oil is first mixed with a carrier oil and then it’s applied to the part of the body you need it for.

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp and its presence is made evident by drying white flakes of dead skin which is sometimes accompanied by itching scratching there are several causes of dandruff which include oily irritated skin dermatitis skin fungus dry skin in hair and poor hygiene.

Tea Tree Oil For Dandruff

Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil-

  • The properties of tea tree oil make it moisturizing and antifungal which means it’s very effective against the symptoms of dandruff of particular importance is a yeast called Malassezia which aggravates your scalp and causes excessive skin cell growth.
  • This fungus lives on the scalp of every individual and manageable quantities but in some people, it overgrows the overgrown fungus on the scalp are often as a result of poor hygiene habits that may not include shampoo may also be a result of a poor medical condition.
  • Tea tree oil helps to reduce the greasiness lesions at each end associated with dandruff here are ways to use tea tree oil in treating dandruff.
  • Purchase a shampoo that has about 5% tea tree oil at between 5 to 10 drops of the oil to the shampoo bottle and shakes it vigorously massage the mixture gently into your scalp make sure to rinse it through thoroughly.

Homemade Shampoo Of Tea Tree Oil

You can also make tea tree shampoo from the very beginning the recipe of the shampoo makes use of vitamin E oil, coconut milk, olive oil, baking soda, filtered water, and tea tree oil.

How To Make-

So to make this homemade shampoo you’re going to need 1/8 of a cup of coconut milk 2/3 of a cup of baking soda 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin E or 20 drops of tea tree oil 1/2 a tbsp of olive oil 1/4 of a cup of filtered water and you to need to combine all these ingredients into a jar and then you need to shake it really well this blend will last in the shower for up to a month and shake well before use and you only need a little bit of the shampoo to use on your hair overall tea tree oil is just great for hair.

Tea tree oil helps to enhance the circulation of the blood in the hair which helps to flush out different toxins whilst also stimulating hair follicles that are already dormant to the anti-inflammatory antibacterial antiseptic in the antifungal.

Antioxidant properties of tea tree oil make sure that your hair can stay nice and healthy and also clean the improved health of the scalp makes the hair follicles more receptive to nutrition and they also make sure to unclog pores that help to promote hair growth without any hindrance tea tree oil can be used on two types of hair that’s dry hair and oily hair in order to promote growth

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